BVS case study

Case Study: Lawtey Feed & Seed

Lawtey Feed & Seed specialise in feed, nutrition and accessories for livestock and domestic pets.

Based in the heartland of Florida, Lawtey Feed & Seed wanted a website that would allow their customers to order and pay for their feed online.

Amber, the owner of Lawtey Feed & Seed is on the road everyday completing deliveries so she wanted an online shop to take care of the transactions to allow her and the team to concentrate on making more deliveries.

Creating the brand

Lawtey Feed & Seed didn't have a website prior to contacting us. They operated under a different name, Alexander Cattle.

They were open to a re-brand but wanted us to work with their original type-font and colour scheme of greys, earthy colours with splashes of red.

Like all of our re-brands we started off by creating a few different options and colour schemes before sharing them with the client for their feedback.

BVS case study
Lawtey logo ideas 1
Lawtey logo ideas 2
Lawtey logo ideas 3
Lawtey logo ideas 4
Refining a concept

Once we shared the concepts Amber decided that she wanted to progress concept number 3.

Amber wanted to showcase that the company catered for a range of different animals rather than just cattle.

We added more animals into the logo using a silhouette style to ensure we didn't over complicate the aesthetics.

Lawtey logo ideas 3
Lawtey logo ideas 3

Concept: complex shading and detail in the cattle. No range of animals demonstrated.

Lawtey logo ideas 3

Final design: Increased number of animals. Simpler design allows for more flexibility for both digital and print outputs.

Lawtey styelsheet
Working on the shop

Once we had decided on a logo and a colour palette it was time to start building the online shop.

With any e-commerce website the usability of the shop, the product detail and the ease of click to purchase is paramount and it was crucial that we got this right.

Lawtey Feed & Seed have over 200 products in their online shop and Amber and the team did a fantastic job in providing us with the details of each item. This helped us to ensure that each product listing had all the necessary information to guide customers through their transaction journey with maximum clarity.

We implemented a floating cart in the bottom left of the screen to allow customers to check out quickly from any page or device.

We also integrated the website with Stripe to ensure that customers could complete their transactions quickly and securely using the stored banking details on their browsers within just a click or two.

Once we had populated the shop with all of the products it was time to finalise the product groupings. This was critical as it would have a knock on effect on how the homepage is designed and how the navigation is layered.

We decided that grouping the products by animal and brand were the best ways of marrying good design with ease of navigation and customer understanding.

Lawtey shop screenshot 1Lawtey shop screenshot 2Lawtey shop screenshot 3
Keeping the navigation simple

Once the shop was fully stocked of products and the categories were set up we incorporated the groupings of products into the design of the homepage.

We did this by adding icons of animals to create a clear and visual target to allow customers to quickly identify with the type of product(s) they are looking for.

We also added the brand logos of the products that Lawtey Feed & Seed stock. This allowed customers to navigate straight to the brands that they know and love.

shop by options
shop by animal
shop by brand
Zip zones and delivery

Because Amber and the team personally deliver all of the products themselves, they wanted the website to intuitively calculate the delivery cost depending on where the customer's zip code is located.

To do this we created delivery zones by implementing different delivery costs in different zip codes predefined by Lawtey Feed & Seed.

The calculation is automatically made in the customer's cart once they enter their zip code. A zip zone delivery chart was created and placed on the website so customers can see how much delivery to their location will cost.

delivery info
delivery fees
shipping fee calculation